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Sustainable Salon

"Making Salon Waste History" Sustainable Salons Australia

Did you know that we are a #sustainablesalon?

This is something that we are extremely passionate and proud of. Since 2017 we have stopped our salon waste entering land fill by joining Sustainable Salons Australia. If you haven't heard of them it's time you did, especially if you are a salon owner. The impact our industry has on the environment is HUGE, think about all those foils you've had in your hair over the years, all the shampoo and conditioner bottles - Where do you think they would end up? I'm here to tell you where ours end up and I think you'll be as amazed as I was the first time.

Where does our waste end up?

With the help of Sustainable Salons Australia 95% or our salon waste gets recycled or repurposed.

Metals - A full head of foils provides a quarter of a meal to a disadvantaged Australian. How you ask? Sustainable Salons Australia collects used aluminium foil, colour tubes, cardboard, paper, magazines, razor blades and even broken tools. All these materials are sold for #recycling. The profits from the recycled resources are donated to Oz Harvest to provide meals for hungry Australians.

Excess Chemicals - We all know hair salons use chemicals, most of the time excess products just get washed down the sink contaminating our waterways. Not Us!! we empty all our excess chemicals into a safe bin that is then collected and sent to chemical recycling plants to be neutralised and turned into recycled water. The water is used in roadworks and construction.

Hair - Yes, you read that right. We even recycle your hair!! Crazy right. If you decide to have the big chop we will tie your hair into little pony tails so this can be donated to different organisations to create wigs for children with alopecia and if you know my (Phoebe) story from growing up with alopecia you will know how important this cause is for me. That's not the only place your hair goes, even those tiny little trims go to good use. We collect all hair swept on the salon floor. It then gets turned into "hair booms" (big hairy sponges) that will help clean up oil spills in the Great Barrier Reef and around the world. It is also sent to local community gardens for composting. Apparently it's great for roses!!

Plastic - When plastic bottles are no longer needed, these items are returned to the plastic recyclers and made back into plastic bottles and packaging. It is also turned into outdoor furniture and underground sheeting to protect the NBN.

Keeping salon waste away from landfill and doing our part to protect the beautiful world we live in is a big part of our ethos. We would like to thank you for visiting us and choosing a Sustainable Salon, every haircut makes a difference.

Chat soon

Phoebe x


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