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5 tips on shampooing your hair

You might be thinking of course I know how to shampoo my hair, I've been doing it forever!! But do you know how to wash your hair properly? There are a few common mistakes people often make and that's totally ok, we are here now to clear them up so you know exactly how to get that "salon wash" at home.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to shampoo your hair to make it last longer. I don't want to hear anyone say " I was my hair everyday " after this.

Tip #1 - The wetter the better

Its time to get wet! My first tip for the best shampoo is to make sure your hair is saturated, the wetter the better. If you are using salon quality shampoo (which you better be, if you're not that's my #1 tip for you) then they are usually free of sulfates which is the ingredient that makes it bubbly. Sulfates are normally found in dishwashing liquids which means they are no good for your fresh colour. The more water the easier it will be to create a lather.

Tip #2 - Two is better than one

Always and I repeat always shampoo twice. This isn't a trick hairdressers tell you so you buy more shampoo, this will change your life. The first shampoo will remove all dirt and oil sitting on the outside of the hair, it will also open the cuticle ready for the second shampoo. Depending on how dirty your hair is the first shampoo may not lather up very well that's why it's so important to make sure your hair is really wet, that will help give a better clean. Now the second shampoo, you won't need a lot of shampoo for this one. As you have already washed the dirt on the outside of the cuticle this one will lather better and get into the cuticle for a deep clean.

Tip #3 - Shampoo Brush

Do you have thick hair and you feel like you can't reach your scalp properly? Then this tip is your you? Add a shampoo and scalp brush into your routine, it will help you get to those hard to reach places, make your life so much easier plus it feels amazing!! Our favourite is #apotecari shampoo and scalp brush which is available in our online store.

Tip #4 - Cleanse then Target

We always suggest to use a cleansing shampoo for your first wash such as our #originalmineral Detox Shampoo. This will help cleanse the dirt and oil off before targeting your main concern. If you want body, we suggest using our #virtue Full Shampoo, if hydration and repair are your main concern we have a range of amazing shampoos to help you combat that. Shop all our products online.

Tip #5 - Condition

Your final step is to condition. Our main tip with conditioner is to not put it on your roots, especially if you find your getting oily quickly. You want to put the conditioner from your mids to your ends and comb it through. Combing in the shower with conditioner in will minimise damage. Once you have combed it through leave it in for a minute and give it a good rinse.

It's time to get dry

Follow our 5 simple tips and I guarantee you will get longer out of your shampoo and your hair will feel amazing and love you for it. Shop all our favourite shampoo and conditioners and if you need any advice please don't hesitate to message. We would love to help!!

One last thing before we say good bye, never and I repeat NEVER go to bed with wet hair. This will cause scalp issues like irritation and dandruff ect. Shampooing your hair in the morning or drying your hair before bed will give you fresh hair for longer.

Chat soon!

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Phoebe x


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