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The Ultimate Guide to Dying your Hair Red!

Since 2021, the red hair trend has been seen on celebrities such as, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Tessa Thompson, Zendaya and Barbie Ferreira, and the red hair trend isn't going anywhere. Phew!

At Ebbe The Salon we love the hue red on the head. But before you rush to the salon, let’s explore the different colours of red hair and how to choose the perfect shade for you.

First let’s talk about the different shades of red taking into consideration skin tone, natural hair colour and personal style.

  • The Classic Fiery Red

A bright and bold colour, this shade is perfect for those who want to make a statement and stand out. This colour suits those with warm skin undertones and works best on darker hair colours.

  • The Rich Shade of Auburn

This is a perfect shade for those who want a natural-looking darker red. Combining light to dark brown and red this shade can help neutralise pink skin undertones or warm up the olive darker skin tones. This colour works best on medium to darker brunettes.

  • The Deep Burgundy or Wine

A dark shade that blends brown, purple and black hues, it is perfect for those who love a bold and edgy look. This shade looks best on medium to darker skin tones and works well on those with dark brown or black hair for a beautiful contrast.

  • The Warm Copper

A great colour for adding warmth to your hair without being too bold, this colour can complement fair, warm and olive skin tones. This colour works great on those with dark blonde, light brown or medium brown hair.

  • The Sweet Strawberry Blonde

If you're looking for a more subtle warm and natural red, then strawberry blonde is our go-to red hair colour. A mix of red and blonde tones this look is perfect for those with fair skin and light hair colours creating a natural-looking colour.

Overall, when selecting a shade of red consider skin tone, natural hair colour and your personal style. Are you looking to make a statement or for something more natural? If you have warm undertones in your skin, warm shades like auburn or classic fiery red look great. If you have cool undertones in your skin, opt for cooler shades like strawberry blonde, or copper.

Next, let’s delve into the topic of hair maintenance:

As you may already know, maintaining the vibrancy of red hair can be quite challenging with bright and bold shades of red requiring more upkeep and tending to fade faster. However, we are excited to share with you our solution to help maintain your vibrant red hair colour!

Introducing the Evo Colour Maintenance treatment,

a customised product that matches the colour pigment of your hair.

This product is formulated to maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour between salon visits.

Whether you opt for this treatment after your colour appointment with us or stop by the salon for our stylists to match it to your current hair colour, you can take it home with you for convenient at-home maintenance.

Still not sure which colour red to choose? Book a consultation with one of colour specialists and we would love to assist you!


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