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Original Mineral hair care

Our Colours

At Ebbe The Salon, along with Original and Mineral  we believe hair colour is a health choice. We use colour free from Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol, delivering clean, long lasting beautifully shiny hair.

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Original And Mineral - The smell, the feeling, we wouldn't use it if we didn't love it. Bursting with Australian native extracts and free from harsh chemicals Original and Mineral shampoo, conditioner and hair masques are gentle on the scalp adding clean luxury to your morning routine.

Evo Fab Pro -These take home rainbow bottles are something else. Let us mix up your perfect shade, keep your vibrants, vibrant or create a subtle pastel tone. Let the fun begin. 

K18 - Hair like new. K18 is the first proven hair treatment that actually repairs damaged hair in 4 mins. Proven by science backed by hairdressers. This is a game changer. 

Aportecari - Apotecari’s dietary supplements have been formulated for all hair types, supporting in cases of dehydration, thinning hair, hair loss, stunts in growth, postpartum hair changes, dullness, textural changes, damaged hair and scalp conditions. 

VirtueAll Virtue® products contain Alpha Keratin 60ku®, a proprietary hair-healing protein clinically proven to transform hair into its healthiest version yet in as few as five uses.

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