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Revealing our Can't Live without Hair Products - Virtue Edition

Choosing products that suit our hair type, texture and preferred styling can be overwhelming, right? With a vast market of hair products, the burden of decision-making can become quite daunting. It's no wonder that, at times, self-care routines like hair care can take a backseat on our list of priorities! That is precisely why we've curated a selection of essential products from the exceptional Virtue brand. Our aim is to streamline your decision-making process, saving you precious time while encouraging you to priortise your hair's well-being.

Virtue stands out among our favourite brands for a multitude of reasons, with our top being their unwavering commitment to crafting products that not only enhance the overall aesthetic of your hair but also bolster its health. They achieve this remarkable fusion of science and luxury, which aligns perfectly with our mission at Ebbe-ensuring that your hair is both beautiful and in the peak of health. So, without further ado, let's embark on this journey to discover the products that will help you achieve the gorgeous, healthy hair you've always desired!

Virtue CR (Create)

Kicking things off with the CR range, AKA your styling guru. This product line is your go-to solution for effortlessly styling and nurturing your hair, addressing common concerns such as amplifying volume and defining your locks. If you happen to have fine or naturally straight hair, you're in for a treat. Allow us to introduce our top three must-haves from this line.

Volumizing Primer>> Have you ever found yourself spending countless hours piling on products in the quest for volume, only to be left with hair that feels heavy and devoid of any added definition? Welcome Virtue's Volumizing Primer, a meticulously formulated solution that promises to breathe life into your locks without the weight. The key to success with this product lies in its application. After towel-drying your hair, direct your focus to the roots where you desire the lift and support. You can choose to evenly disperse the product using your fingertips or opt for a wide-tooth comb to work its magic.

Volumizing Mousse>> For those yearning for a luscious, fuller look, your wish is granted! This remarkable mousse is your ticket to voluminous hair, especially if your natural hair type leans toward the curly and fine spectrum. This product is packed with proteins that not only enhance the thickness of your hair but also strengthen it without over-moisturising. To make the most of it, scrunch the mousse into your towel-dried hair, starting from the ends and working your way to the roots. The choice between allowing your hair to air-dry or opting for a blow-dry is yours. When blow-drying priortise the roots, and use a diffuser to accentuate your natural waves or curls.

Texturizing Spray>> What do we mean by hair texture? Hair texture is primarily determined by three factors: moisture absorption and retention, hair thickness and width, and its natural pattern-straight or curly. Virtue's Texturizing Spray can transform the natural texture of your hair or help craft a bespoked textured look. This product lends your hair a delightful touch of grittiness, perfect for a tousled beachy wave style or an effortlessly lived-in, casual allure. This spray is a happy medium where it is not quite as strong as a traditional hairspray, but offers a hold that ensures your style remains intact without compromising that weightless, airy feel. Hold the spray about ten inches away from your hair and let it rain down evenly from roots to mid-length, revealing a world of texture and creativity!

Virtue FR (Flourish)

This product line was designed for those facing hair thinning or hair loss.

At the heart of any great haircare regimen lies the essential care of your scalp, and Virtue's Flourish Shampoo and Conditioner stand as champions in nourishing and pampering this vital foundation. Flourish Shampoo>> The cornerstone of a thriving haircare routine is shampooing, and his shampoo lays the groundwork for healthy locks by offering a gentle yet thorough cleanse. It's a master at eliminating scalp debris, clearing the path for an environment towards robust hair growth. Remember, the golden rule for cleansing is to always shampoo twice!

Flourish Conditioner>> Who would have thought that green tea, a beloved beverage, could work wonders beyond the teacup? Virtue's Flourish Conditioner harnesses the power of green tea, probiotics and keratin to strengthen, hydrate and effortlessly detangle your hair. Its mission is simple yet crucial for those suffering from hair thinning-to provide a smooth and silky texture, rending the hair to be more manageable and less prone to breakage. A pivotal step on your journey to rejuvenated hair.

Virtue Refresh and Revive (R & Re)

This line is your ticket to recovery! Refreshing and resetting your hair to its healthiest state, countering the damage inflicted by environmental factors by penetrating deep into your hair and scalp. It's a solution that caters to all hair types, and we are sharing four of our must-haves.

Purifying Shampoo>> A shampoo that deeply cleanses and is suitable for all hair types. It boasts the natural wonder of charcoal, renowned for its exceptional absorbent properties. Charcoal works by sponging up toxins, making this shampoo your go-to choice for detoxifying your hair and scalp. Experience a truly fresh feeling like never before!

Exfoliating Scalp Treatment>> Dead skin cells when left to accumulate can spell trouble for your hair. They have a knack for clogging hair follicles, potentially obstructing the path to new hair growth and leading to hair that looks thin and lacking vitality. Another common issue associated with the buildup of dead skin cells on the scalp is dandruff-yikes! Offering a dual-benefit of scalp exfoliation and cleansing without leaving your hair dry is this Exfoliation Scalp Treatment. Begin by, shampooing, then lavish your scalp with the treatment, massaging it in for 2-3 minutes before proceeding with your conditioner.

Healing Oil>> Sometimes all it takes is a few drops of magic! Seeking an oil that doesn't weigh your hair down or turn your hair into a greasy mess? Virtue's Healing Oil leaves your hair feeling smooth, soft, and fragrant. To unlock its full potential, a mere 2 to 3 drops on damp hair, combed through from mid-lengths to ends, is all you need. This oil is not just a styling saviour but also a heat protectant, boasting three super oils and essential vitamins to smooth and shield your precious locks. It's a true multi-benefit gem, you can ask any of our stylists!

Virtue C (Curl)

Ah-You've guessed it-this one's tailor-made for our curly or wavy-haired friends! These hair types often find themselves wrestling with the ever-annoying frizz factor, courtesy of their unique hair structure. But worry no-more, this product line has been meticulously crafted to embrace and define those natural waves.

Curl-defining Gel>> Wave goodbye to the age-old dilemma of crunchy or overly slick curls from the usual hair-gel products. Virtue's Curl-defining Gel works its magic by detangling, banishing frizz and introducing shine to those bouncy tresses. It is a master at shaping and locking your curls into place, allowing you to style your curls without a crunch and maintaining a natural bounce and sway.

Curl Conditioner>> Curly hair types have an inherent challenge of getting the natural oils to travel from the scalp to the tips meaning those with this type of hair have a constant battle of dryness and frizz-prone hair. Virtue's Curl Conditioner has been formulated to infuse deep hydration and moisture that softens your strands, making detangling a breeze while simultaneously repairing and strengthening because of Virtue's special protein formula. With the onset of summer and humidity levels rising, this conditioner is your ally against the environment.

Virtue (S) Smooth

When the topic of humidity arises, it is not just our curly-haired friends who face the frizz-challenge. For the those affected by humidity, these are our two essentials.

Smoothing Spray>> Crafted to brave the harshest most humid conditions, this product stands as a barrier against frizz for up to 72 hours. What makes it truly exceptional is its ability to function as a protective shield, shielding your locks from scorching temperatures-all while ensuring your hair remains as light and free as ever. This is a summer-time must-have! Un-frizz Cream>> Consider this the perfect companion to the Smoothing Spray. While it guards your hair from the heat, it also priortises the well-being of your hair, ensuring your strands are conditioned and smooth. This cream works best when used as a leave-in treatment, taming unruly hair, and leaving you with the confidence that comes with beautifully managed locks. A hero for all hair types but especially for those with frizzy, curly, wavy or thick hair. These my friends are the essential must-haves when diving into the world of Virtue-a brand beloved by both professional stylists and everyday consumers in search of haircare solutions that truly work. With a commitment to clean and safe ingredients, environmental responsibility and the innovative use of keratin, Virtue sets itself apart in the hair industry. The power to embrace these haircare essentials is now yours! Simply click the button below, and let the transformation begin.

Ebbe The Salon xx


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