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6 Holiday Hairstyles for Christmas & New Year

The Cute Bow


This minimalist hairstyle, embraces the "less is more" philosophy. Enhancing a half-up, down hairstyle is effortless with the addition of a cute small bow. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it really does not take long to complete. You also have the freedom to personalise to your style-whether with tight curls, brushed out curls or straight. To maintain your healthy hair consider overnight braids for a naturally wavy look-no heat required!

The Textured Bun


A textured bun is a great choice if you are looking to show off your make-up and accessorises. We love this style because it adds elegance to any outfit. Also a great hairstyle to stay cool during the day and if you didn't get chance for a hair-wash day. We suggest adding a spritz of texturising spray for extra volume and definition. Watch our tutorial HERE

The Glamour Wave


A classic Hollywood, movie-star hairstyle that can be styled loose or sleek. If you opt for a sleek-style you can choose to comb the hair behind one ear or both ears. How do you create this style of wave? Two ways> use a styling tool or traditional rollers. Remember more prepping may be required if you are using traditional rollers. To complete this hairstyle apply a finishing or smoothing serum.

The Low Ponytail with a Twist


Chic and super easy, this is another great hairstyle that can be mastered even if you are running late or if you are in the back of an uber! Simply curl your hair using a styling tool or leave your naturally wavy hair. Create a low ponytail and secure in place, leaving a chunk of hair out at the front. Use the hair at the front to wrap around the ponytail and secure with pins!

Trendy Half-Up, Down.


A half -up, down style that oozes a more 'casual but trendy style'. This is another hairstyle that can be dressed down or glammed up. Skip the styling by rocking your natural texture and take away some of the heaviness of your hair by keeping it smooth as you tie the top section back. Alternatively if you are looking for more volume, prime your hair with a volumizing spray and backcomb the section of hair that you are securing at the back.

The High Pony


The simpilest and most time-efficient hairstyle. Long-lasting and practical if you have a day full of activities. Easily simplified or enhanced with outfits, accessories and make-up. Mix it up by leaving hair out at the front, or slick-backed. Add a ribbon to tie around the top or use your own hair.

Get creative, save these hairstyles for inspiration and personalise them to suit your own style and outfits!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love from Ebbe The Salon xx


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