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Steaming Secrets: Unlocking the luxurious benefits of our steam hair and scalp spa

In the world of hair-care, innovation continues to pave the way for luxurious and effective treatments. One innovation that is in our opinion, underrated and not appreciated enough is the steam hair treatment.

So, what exactly is a steam hair treatment?

As the name suggests, this treatment involves using steam to infuse moisture, nourishment and vitality into your locks and scalp. At Ebbe we use a salon professional steamer that is supported on a pedestal and wheels meaning the equipment can be wheeled to you while you relax in one of our salon chairs. Why do we love it so much? It is a completely natural and simple way to truly nourish and look after your hair, remedying issues like dryness and dandruff amongst it's many other benefits. So, let's get to the part we are excited to share!

The benefits of a steam hair treatment


Steam treatments work wonders when it comes to hair hydration. The steam open's up the hair cuticle which is the outermost layer of the hair shaft. The cuticle serves as a protective barrier for the inner layers of the hair and so it's primary function is to protect the hair from external damage such as UV rays, pollutants and mechanical stress. It also helps to retain moisture within the hair shaft, contributing to its overall health and appearance.

For example, when the cuticle is healthy, our hair will likely appear shiny and smooth, but when we expose our hair to styling, or heat it can cause the cuticle to 'lift' and become damaged. This can manifest into hair issues such as frizz, dullness and breakage.

So essentially the cuticle is a pretty important part of our hair and hair care practices that focus on maintaining the integrity of the cuticle can help keep our hair in optimal condition. Opening up the hair cuticle using steam allows moisture to deeply penetrate each strand. This leaves your hair feeling smooth, soft and incredibly hydrated, say goodbye to dryness and frizz!

PROMOTES A HEALTHY SCALP At Ebbe we believe healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Steam treatments stimulate blood circulation to the scalp which is known to promote better nutrient delivery to the hair follicles. This can contribute to improved hair growth and overall scalp health. PLUS we have designed our treatment to give your scalp the bestest care, where our stylist will exfoliate your scalp with a scalp brush and provide an extra long heavenly massage. ENHANCED PRODUCT ABSORPTION

Remember when we said that once the hair cuticle opens up moisture can work deeper into the hair? Same goes for products! Conditioners, masks, serums, and oils can more easily penetrate the hair shaft. This means the active ingredients in these products can reach the inner layers of the hair providing deep nourishment and hydration. We include our very own unique pre-wash oil and cleansing treatment.


Just as steam opens pores on your skin during a facial, it does the same for your hair and scalp. This allows all the accumulated dirt, oils and product residue to be gently removed, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and the hair feeling lighter.


Beyond the physical benefits, a steam treatment is a relaxing and soothing experience with the warm steam enveloping you, allowing the tensions to melt away.

Hair steamer

The Ebbe Steam Hair and Scalp Spa

We have crafted and designed our steam treatment to give your scalp the ultimate care it needs. Starting with a heavenly scalp massage using a scalp brush and our own special pre wash oil blend. This is a great way to really give your scalp a deep cleanse and exfoliation. Followed by an extra long Ebbe head massage and special shampoo with our selected favourite detox products. Then you can sit back and relax while our steamer does it's magic. Indulge in our complementary beverages. Rinse and style your hair to your liking.

Who should book this treatment?

This treatment is good for all hair types! And is especially important if you suffer from dry scalp, dry hair, low-porosity (a hair type which has difficulty retaining moisture), reduced hair growth, curly or brittle hair.

How often should I have a steam treatment?

Once you have experienced this treatment it might be tempting to want to have it all the time. If you are suffering from dry or damaged hair, it may benefit to have this treatment once a week for a few weeks but no more than that. If you hair is generally healthy, monthly appointments are great to give your hair a boost of hydration.

Our Steam Hair and Scalp Spa offers a plethora of benefits from remedying hair issues such as dryness and dandruff, providing deep hydration and promoting scalp health. A pampering experience that rejuvenates not only your hair but your mind and soul. Ready to experience the magic of steam? Book your appointment today!

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