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Nothing fancy or creative 'THE BOB' is the only title we need to showcase this timeless style. The bob haircut has been a classic hairstyle for decades. Why? Because it offers variations in style and length, meaning a bob can be customised and adapted to suit various face shapes, hair textures and personalities. All the while, offering a low-maintenance, lighter feeling and remaining fashionable, sophisticated and elegant. The question should be what can 'The Bob' not do?

If this has not sold you on making the chop, perhaps sharing it's many trends will.

The Micro-Bob

Sitting somewhere between the upper cheekbones and chin, this haircut offers a sleek and stylish look. When it comes to styling, this bob adapts to wavy, curly, straight, messy or slicked backed hairstyles. Perhaps one for the time-poor as it is super low-maintenance and requires minimal styling, the type of hair you can roll out of bed with and would look chic and edgy. Feeling rebellious? why not add in a micro-fringe for an extra bold and daring style.

For more inspo checkout, celebrities Ciara Wilson and Emily Ratajowski who are effortlessly pulling of The Micro-Bob hairstyle this year.

The Side-part Bob

Exuding elegance and sophistication the asymmetry of the side-part bob is designed to frame your face drawing attention to your eyes, cheekbones and jawline. The simplicity of the side-part bob means it does not rely on elaborate or intricate hairstyles to make a statement. Its minimalist nature allows you to experiment with refined polished straight styles or wavy curls without looking overdone. A perfect versatile bob for casual and formal days. Looking for a haircut that radiates a stronger sense of style, why not explore a side-fringe for a wind-swept look.

Celebrities Kourtney Kardashian, Kaia Gerber and Kristen Stewart have previously been seen flaunting the side-part bob in different styles.

The L-ob (AKA Long Bob)

Striking a balance between the fuller thickness of longer hair and the ease of shorter hair the long bob allows you to keep flexibility and variety when it comes to styling. The plus of a longer bob is that it can still be styled up. Whether if you play with half-up, half-down styles, tucked behind the ears, pull up in a claw-clip, french twist or textured blow-waves, you can opt for a blunt cut or cascading layers for more movement and texture. Mila Kunis, Olivia Palermo and Margot Robbie have flawlessly embraced this style.

The Choppy Bob

Looking for a touch of playfulness while keeping it modern? Say hello to the choppy bob!

Layers are added into your bob to create this 'choppy' look. The technique your stylist uses can be personalised to your individual style by strategically tailoring the layers to suit your hair texture and face shape. From wispy layers, soft-blended, face-framing or internal layers they can change the style of the chop. We love internal layers for this style as they are often not visible on the outside adding texture and volume without significantly altering the length. The choppy bob is also great if your looking for a 'beachy bob' style. Have the length cut at the jawline or slightly below to create a base that is great for textured waves.

The Graduated Bob

Recognised for its cascading effects to add volume and depth, graduated bobs are shorter at the back and longer at the front. Cutting your bob shorter at the back to buildup weight and create a distinctive curve is an ideal style for those with finer hair to offer a fuller look. Victoria Beckham has embraced this beautiful style in many versatile ways, refining elegance and showcasing a fashion-forward confident hairstyle. If you're looking to experiment with asymmetry and angles, this one is for you!

The Bob and Bangs

Go BOLD with a bob and bangs. Adding bangs to your Bob can soften facial features while amplifying cheek bones creating an overall balanced look. Bangs interact with the rest of your hair complementing straight or wavy hairstyles. Go for wispy bangs to soften the hair or curtain bangs to frame the face as they blend beautifully into the sides. Reinvent yourself and step out of your comfort zone by also switching up the colour to express your individuality. Powerful, bold and vibrant greens, reds and purples; there is a shade for every bob.

The Italian Bob

Below the chin and above the shoulders, the Italian bob hugs the neck by carrying weight at the bottom. Whether if your plotting a summer escape to Italy or simply love eating Gelato, create that Italian feeling with an Italian bob. Trending towards a longer style of length means you can morph your hair into more bouncy voluminous ends. A chic sensual feel without the need to do much, va-va-voom!

Feeling inspired by 'The Bob'?

From lazy hair days to styled with precision, a bob can offer versatile looks, ranging from a non-committal longer bob so your not limited in hair styles or a daring chop that accentuates your eyes, cheek bones, and jaw-line. If your ready to take the chop, our stylists are eager to help you find a style that suits you, book using the button below.

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