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Formulated by naturopaths and trichologists, Mane Event® promotes hair growth, condition and thickness from within using vegan ingredients of the finest quality. Featuring Apotecari’s exclusive Hairtellectual® hyaluronic acid for soft, touchable and plump strands along with herbs, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This advanced, professional-grade formulation delivers targeted nutrition for intensified growth and reduced hair fall.

You can expect a herby fragrance from Mane Event® capsules, which is typical of the ingredients and all their potent goodness. If your preference is to reduce this fragrance, Mane Event® can be stored in your biophotonic glass bottle or another moisture-free, air tight vessel, in the fridge.

Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (AUST L 397592).

60 Capsules 

Mane Event 1 Month Re-fill pack

GST Included |

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